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How does Zollipop cleans your teeth?

After a meal or sugary snack, our mouths can become very acidic. This acidic environment gives little cavity monsters just what they need to run around spreading tooth decay and weakening or softening tooth enamel. You may have heard it’s not good to brush immediately after a meal; that’s because the enamel is soft due to acidity. So if you brushed your teeth when the enamel is soft you risk tearing or eroding the tooth surface.

The ingredients in Zollipops work naturally with our bodies to help reduce the acidity and balance the pH in our mouths. By reducing acidity, we can help take away the power from those little cavity monsters! Better still, teeth can re-mineralize faster, making them stronger and harder. In fact, many people have shared that after enjoying one of our treats, their teeth feel smooth and clean again.

Videos explaining how Zollipops helps to balance the pH in the mouths

What is it made of?

The Clean Teeth Pops are no ordinary suckers, they are supercharged with smile friendly all NATURAL ingredients. Instead of boring, malicious sugar, each Zollipop contains 2 main ingredients: non-GMO sweeteners xylitol and erythritol both tooth-friendly sugar substitute, approved by dentists!

Natural flavours and colors, contains Xylitol from USA Birch, Erythritol and Stevia. Sugar free, GMO-free, Gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan and Kosher under Kof-K supervision – conforms to the Jewish dietary regulations of kashrut (dietary law).

Parents approved! Many kids have enjoyed Zollipops.

Zollipop the after you eat treat
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Did you know?

  • Where Zollipops gets its name? The “z” comes from the calorie-free sugar substitute, xylitol (pronounced zy-li-tol), which is used in the lollipop base.
  • Zollipop is created by Alina Morse who at that time was just 9 years old because she was so tired of her parents saying ‘NO’ to her eating candies. So she made a healthy candy that’s good for her teeth so that her parents can’t say no to it.
  • Zollipops donates 10% of its profits to One Million Smiles, an oral health education program focused on fighting the tooth decay epidemic.
  • The stick is made of recycled paper.

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Each pouch contains 25 Zollipops and comes in 6 delicious flavours Strawberry, Orange, Raspberry, Cherry, Grape, and Pineapple.

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